T-Ray Scanners

 - Nov 28, 2007
References: uk.reuters
Thanks to new T-ray scanners, removing shoes at the airport could become a thing of the past.

As a recurring victim of "random" searches at airports, and a frequent traveler to the U.S., I'm well aware of the hassles involved in airport security, which is why this new system using a T-ray scanner is so exciting!

Although it may sound like an oxymoron, the electromagnetic radiation in the T-ray (terahertz radiation) scanners is "harmless" according to Reuters.

"T-rays are part of the electromagnetic spectrum that lies between microwaves on the low end and infrared radiation on the high end," Reuters said.

"Unlike conventional X-rays, which can cause cell damage, T-rays do not have enough energy to alter cell ionization, which can lead to radiation sickness or cancer.

"And while they cannot see through metals or water, they can penetrate many common materials like leather, fabric, cardboard and paper."

There are too many reasons the T-ray would be great, including saving our precious nostrils from the wretched fumes of those plagued by odorous, sweaty feet. Not only that, but it would save a lot of time for those women (myself included) who insist on wearing fussy shoes and tight, tall boots they have to sit down to pop off.