The Milner AirCar Could Become An Eco-Friendly Mode of Transit

 - Mar 10, 2008
References: fareastgizmos
Enter the new fly-drive option for the adventurer - the Milner AirCar is both an airplane and a car, blended into a curvaceous, smooth finish. In the air, it cruises at 200mph and up to 25,000 feet, while on the ground it hits speeds of 85mph. While not in use, it's housed in a chassis not much bigger than your average saloon (after the 28ft wide wings have been folded away.)

The diesel powered AirCar is the brainchild of designers Milner Motors of Vancouver, Canada. Milner has succeeded in producing a viable flying car, which lets the driver both fly and drive the AirCar using the easy-to-use car steering wheel and a two-panel, flat dashboard. With a range of 1,000 miles, the $450,000 prototype will be unveiled at the New York International Auto Show (March 21st-30th).

Chris and James Milner, the father-son design team, believe the AirCar to be a commercially viable vehicle design that will offer a new aspect to environmentally-friendly flying and driving.

Slightly worrying, is that rumours insist they are still working on the ‘flying’ aspect of the Milner AirCar, so you may have to wait just a little longer before you ease into the captain’s uniform.