RoboPorter at Kita Kyushu Airport

 - Feb 18, 2008   Updated: Jun 21 2011
References: inventorspot
The Japanese are in with another robot first, the RoboPorter is a thus far free service that is being tested at Kita Kyushu airport in southwest Japan. He's not very cute and doesn't seem to be much for bending over. It looks pretty much like the bending and lifting is up to you and RoboPorter is just the cross terminal schlepper.

Implications - The featured video shows you how the little robot works as it drives around in circles avoiding a wall. The smart robot knows not to bump into anything! The makers want the RoboPorter to be a free service at the Kita Kyushu airport for anyone who wants it. The featured images show another robot that is slightly bigger than the one in the video that also carry bags of luggage.