Emirates Airlines Non-Stop Info From Dubai to Sao Paulo

 - Nov 6, 2007
References: nonstopfernando & freshenmeup
This is one of those Dubai marketing strokes of genius. LeanMeanFightingMachine developed a campaign for Emirates Airlines to mark the launch of their non-stop flight from Dubai to Sao Paulo.

The campaign features our hero, Fernando Ferreira, who talks non-stop for 14 hours and 40 minutes, which is the same length of the flight itself. Fernando enlightens guests on a variety of topics including Brazilian restaurants, soap operas, sumo wrestling, dating and of course football.

This is a really great marketing idea, and given that the ideal would have been to get it in one take, I would have loved to see the sign-off process on the campaign.

Not only do they have the longest audio ad, Dubai also has the world's largest visual advertisement: