ULCCS Like RyanAir Offer Free Flights

 - Mar 25, 2008
References: ryanair & guardian
Being able to travel is a luxury, right? We say this not only because of time, but because literally the cost of accommodation and the flight fare alone can leave a horrendous dent in your bank account.

But what if you could fly for free? I'm not totally off my rocker in suggesting this; in fact, some airlines like Wizz Air are already offering such services.

Ultra-Low Cost Carriers (ULCCs) like RyanAir offer 100% free flights in their ad-covered planes. Fliers paid nothing, literally, not even tax; the only difference from their perspective is that they have to deal with an abundance of advertising. There are brands, logos and ads covering seat backs and trays, likely also blankets, pillows and of course lining the interior walls. Ads range from promotions for car rental companies to cell phones and cars.

I can definitely deal with that.

For these ULCCS, it's worth it because of the publicity it generates. When Ryanair did their promo last May, they gave away one million free seats and, within five hours, over four million people checked out the site to examine the offer.

SkyBus offered $10 flights. There's been controversy over Spirit Air's free flights, the real details are difficult to find. AirAsia has given out millions of free seats. Last January, WizzAir gave out 700 return tickets within Europe.

This could really become the way of the future. What better venue is there for a hotel, restaurant, or tourism company to target their customers?

Most people are willing to deal with a few ads if they get to see the world as a result.

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