From Barf Bag Advertising to Hair-Shaving Flights

 - Aug 4, 2010   Updated: Jun 23 2011
In some ways air travel has evolved immensely since the very first flight (think of the the relatively cheap cost of flying), although in other ways, some airlines are offering terrible service (like unidentifiable meals and insane delays).

This cluster of airline initiatives and marketing tactics, from barf bag advertising to hair-shaving flights, shows the creative ways that airlines have competed with each other in the market.

Implications - Traveling for extended amounts of time and distances can be extremely tiring, taxing and stressful. The stand-out businesses within the travel industry will be capable of providing their clients with unique and unmatched experiences. To stay at the cutting-edge and forefront of such an industry, it is imperative that businesses work to discover innovative ways to ease the stressful burdens often caused from traveling.