Bombardier Reveals The CSeries Jet

 - Jul 14, 2008
The Bombardier CSeries jet is proof that Canada's token airplane manufacturer is series about going green. Analysts are predicting that the line of more environmentally-friendly planes will be a tremendous success.

Head of Bombardier, Pierre Beaudoin, is confident the commercial CSeries jets will “revolutionize” the 100-149 passenger market. Bombardier claims the design is “the greenest of its class” at 20% more fuel-efficiency than their top competitors.

“We are engaged in active and very promising discussions with a number of airlines worldwide,” Beaudoin said of the planes, part of which will be manufactured in Quebec.

The province's premier, Jean Charest, says the new jets will create thousands of new jobs in the province.

“It's the entire Quebec economy that will benefit, not just Montreal but the regions as well,” Charest said.

The CSeries will likely be embraced quickly, with soaring gas prices, a more fuel-efficient engine will help keep wallets fuller, and the environment more protected.

The images in the gallery are of the CRJ1000 prototype plane at the Bombardier plant in Mirabel, Que.