- Jun 19, 2012
Considering that fossil fuels are becomingly increasingly expensive to procure, the world is in desperate need of fuel-efficient, low-emission transportation, such as the eco vehicles featured here.

As far as carbon emissions go, cars are currently the biggest contributors. Though public transportation can curb some of this pollution, it would be that much more helpful if cars themselves reduced their consumption of oil and carbon emissions. That’s why the environmentally friendly automobiles featured here are a step in the right direction. Although cars work wonders for individuals, they are not usually up to industrial-scale tasks like cargo transport and international shipping.

Airships can provide heavy lift transport using little fuel. This allows them to meet economic goals like moving cargo with a minimal strain on the environment. However, in terms of international shipping or transportation, airships might be a little slow.

Airplanes are currently the fastest form of transportation. Still, jets consume a huge amount of fuel. For this reason, any advances in alternative energy sources or fuel efficiency are welcome developments.

From Green Sports Cars to Fuel-Efficient Airships: