NICE Mega City

 - Apr 7, 2008
References: nicecarcompany & designspotter
The NICE concept for vehicles is based on a very simple algorithm: there is no internal combustion energy. It is a new hit in London as the vehicles provided work on electric engines.

The cars are built in France and they are exclusively available from the NICE Car Company in London. The Mega City car is available as a 2 seater, 2+2 model or Enterprise model designed for commercial use. And the most interesting thing, besides the electric engine and the low pollution index, is that the cars have 100% recyclable body.

What more can you ask of a car? Having in mind the city taxes you have to pay in London, especially for high-pollution cars, this new concept car may the answer to that!

On their website, the distributors claim that you can get around 7,000 pounds savings a year (That's around 15.000 dollars, if I recall the pound-dollar exchange rate).
I'm in for one of these :)