30 Electric Cars

 - Jul 20, 2008
Electric cars are not the future: zero-emission vehicles are the now! There are a variety of eco-friendly, battery-powered cars on the market today and thousands more in design and concept stages.

In India, the ultra-affordable Tata Nano is revving up intrigue, while in Whales, it's the Zecar that has people ready to make the switch from gas guzzlers. Celebrities and affluent eco auto aficionados are drooling over the Tesla Roadster, the sexiest car in production according to the people who have already pre-paid for theirs.

If you're starting to think about way's to prevent environmental detriment, going eco-friendly with a green ride is a fantastic start!

Peruse the super gallery for a taste of some of the best green cars featured on Trend Hunter, from those cruising around on the streets already, to the futuristic green supercars of the future!