The Ultimate Green Machine

 - Jan 20, 2008
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After working on the air powered car concept for the past 15 years French engineer Guy Negre is about to bring this revolutionary vehicle to the masses thanks to a contract with India's main car manufacturer; Tata Motors. Not only is this the worlds cleanest car but it is also functional with MDI offering various designs to suite your life style. The Pickup, Van, Taxi, Mini CAT, and family car models will all be made available for less than $15,000.

The Skinny, According to Geeks are Sexy, "The principle that makes this car work is very simple. Instead of using gas to create an explosion and make the pistons move, the vehicle's engine is powered via three compressed air tanks located under its chassis. Environmentally speaking, this means all that goes out the exhaust pipe is cold, pure air, which can even be used as an air-conditioning source on a hot summer day.

As far as performance goes, the vehicle is pretty amazing. With a top speed of 110 kilometers per hour, it has autonomy of around 300 kilometers. All that is needed to fill it up is a compressed air station, and in case of emergency, an electrical source can be used to power the built-in air compressor, which can fill in the air reserve in about three hours. The core of the technology is controlled wirelessly via computer and the car's electrical system is composed of a single wire."