E-Motion from Mindset

 - Feb 27, 2008   Updated: Apr 6 2011
References: auto-motor-und-sport.de
The Swiss aren't keeping it in neutral when it comes to trying to jump starting a hybrid car. Take a look at the E-motion from Mindset. They are hoping to build 10,000 cars next year. A former VW stylist Murat Guenak designed the E-motion. As with all hybrids, it is lightweight and a gas electric combination power plant.

Implications - Most concept car designs incorporate eco-friendly elements these days. Car designers are starting to dream of innovative ways to make these automobiles sustainable and cheap at the same time. Hybrids are fairly expensive to make, but technology advances quickly; therefore, there's a good chance that engineers will find a way to manufacture these on a large-scale while keeping the process cost-efficient. Don't be surprised if all transportation becomes electric in the future.