Proof There's Far More to Switzerland Than Chocolate

 - Oct 12, 2009
I am lucky enough to be working on a project based around Switzerland at the moment. Naturally I came to this site for research which then meant I found all sorts of Swiss trends and just had to post this cluster.

I must admit that once I started looking at them grouped together I realized what cutting-edge designs and concepts have been coming out of the country I had previously not bothered to learn much about, such as innovative club houses and see-through toilets which mist up in seconds at the touch of a button. They have even bred a new fruit! Clearly the revelation of a rather yummy Mr Switzerland has also made my afternoon.

The project I am working on which peaked my interest is all about shopping online in the most literal sense. My Switzerland running a competition where you can win a £7777 shopping spree. The tragic thing to admit is that even though I clearly can’t enter as I am taking part, I am still desperate to top the league.