Zermatt Uses Swiss Alps to Promote Turkish Döner Kebab

 - Feb 24, 2009
References: stgallen.ch
By using one of my favorite ski destinations in Europe, Zermatt (with its Matterhorn, one of the best known hills in the Alps), a Turkish fast food store in St.Gallen, Switzerland uses its name and logo to bridge these two cultures harmoniously. It took decades, but there is a way to breed acceptance between the cultures!

Döner Kebabs are one of the favourite fast food products in Germany and Switzerland, both of which are home to many Turkish immigrants.

Because of the differences between cultural backgrounds, a lot of problems continue to exist for those who move there, even among young Turkish people. Although things are improving, we continue to hear incredibly tragic stories of intolerance, including extreme violence by family members against those who choose to adopt western attitudes.

A few days after I saw this Turkish fast food shop in St.Gallen, Mesut Ösil became the first man with a Turkish heritage to play for the German national soccer team. For many years he played for Schalke 04, a Bundesliga club based in the Ruhrgebiet, an area live.

I took images 1-4 during a trip two weeks ago, image 5 of Mesut Ösil is via the Zeit blog