Swiss Post Marketing Campaign

 - Jan 31, 2008
References: amsteeman & frovi
In this era of electronic communication which caused a huge decline in postal services worldwide, nobody is imagining that the execution of a direct mail campaign can have a tremendous influence on the sales results of a company. As long as gadgets, samples and free gifts can not be pushed through the internet system, and although nothing can replace the real-time live contact, direct mailings are a welcome and effective complement to other sales activities. If anybody understands the benefits of direct mail, it's the post office. Swiss Post keeps in contact with its customers through regular direct mail campaigns, each more clever than the last.

In a creatively engineered liaison between the virtual and the physical, Swiss Post invites its customers to connect to and immerse themselves in the virtual world of Swiss Post, promoting its virtual post office counter, providing additional access to the information on the Swiss Post portal.

To achieve this goal, Swiss Post mailed a laptop computer, made of Frövi White carton board with chocolate keys. A mail shot that truly stands out from the crowd - and that's exactly the desired effect.

The chocolate wrappers bear information on Swiss Post's services, and once the chocolates are consumed, the recipient discovers a special bonus: an offer to compete for a real laptop on Swiss Post's website.

Swiss Post's mailing supplier is Huber PrintPack AG. Mailings are one of Huber PrintPack's specialties, and they provide a range of service levels, from simply producing the packaging to taking part in developing the concept, buying the contents, packing the mailer and sending it out. With their web partner backslash, they can also provide web-based solutions linked to mail shots.

Since mailings have to stand up to rough handling, the carton board's properties are of crucial importance. The Swiss laptop is made of 380 g/m² Frövi White van Korsnäs, a high-quality white carton board with a unique combination of extreme plasticity and a first-class printing surface, developed especially for luxury products with exclusive, creatively designed packaging. It is a four-layer virgin-fibre board, coated on both the top and reverse sides, which results in high whiteness and excellent printing results on both sides. It is produced ranging from 240 to 410 g/m².

Combined with smart design, its high compression strength and stability ensure that the packaging holds its shape and the creases and tear-strips work according to plan.