The Null Stern Hotel in Switzerland Is In An Old Bomb Shelter

In Switzerland, for risk takers, five stars is out. The Null Stern Hotel in Sevelen is, translated, a zero star hotel. Now, that doesn't mean that it's a bad hotel; it's just an incredibly innovative way to gain perspective and experience history.

Twin brothers Frank und Patrik Riklin turned an old bomb shelter into an experience that fosters true appreciation for modern luxuries. There are no windows. Instead of installing regular heaters, the Null Stern Hotel offers guests hot water bottles. Not surprisingly, the walls lack decor. Rules (the hotel has a communist manifesto) include that men get half an hour to shower, and women a full hour.

The hotel is still in a trial phase, and will likely never truly open since it has to be available as a shelter within 24 hours notice should a military emergency arise, yet it's still a notable hotel.

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