Vehicles That Make the “Cash For Clunkers” Program Proud

 - Jun 19, 2009   Updated: Aug 3 2011
The $1 billion US "cash for clunkers" program is supposed encourage vehicle owners to trade in their old cars that are hard on gas for cars that are far more fuel efficient. 

Sen. Maria Cantwell recently changed her vote to support this earth-friendly program this Thursday. With Cantell’s support, perhaps people can expect to see more of these swank looking eco cars that are thanks to the "cash for clunkers" program!

Implications - With the looming threat of global warming and population in the air, there has been an increased importance placed on products that are environmentally friendly. A company can benefit from this by investing in sustainable products. This allows the company to market itself as one on the forefront of cutting-edge environmental innovation. This engenders goodwill from consumers and the media.