Shared Solutions for Energy-Efficient Personal Transportion

 - Feb 21, 2009
References: blogs.edmunds & evtransports
Tony Locricchio, an Hawaii attorney and electric-vehicle proponent, would like to use a LiFT, actually more than one. LiFT is the acronym for Land Integrated Ferry Transporter and it’s just a part of Locricchio’s scheme to put the USA on a more efficient energy trajectory.

The scheme involves using small electric cars called Near Cars. Easy to change battery packs would power them. They could be driven independently at low speeds, or taken longer distances quickly by the LiFT, a sort of mass mini-car transport. In order to meet all transportation needs, communities could share a fleet of these small cars as well as larger SUV-type vehicles.

You can learn more about the proposal by reading the entire document, Time is of the Essence, Changing America’s Transportation and Power Alternatives, A plan for the bailout of US Citizens, online.