From Bike Calibrators to Recreational Structures

 - Nov 6, 2011
These community-based innovations can serve as inspiration for collective achievement. For me, one idea that stands out is communities of knowledge sharers who learn and teach each other valuable and desired skills.

These community-based innovations are in some instances more hands-on, such as the community-made handicrafts. In other instances, it involves communities of people coming together online and not only sharing, but creating something new. Another excellent innovation is the communal recreational structure by Van Rooijen Architects that encourages social etiquette and stimulates the imagination.

Implications - Internet users are seeking out platforms that connect them to the real-world in interesting ways. The proliferation and success of check-in services like FourSquare and community gathering sites like MeetUp are symptomatic of this desire. Companies should finds ways to connect their consumers together around causes or initiatives.