The Cloud Appreciation Society

 - Nov 24, 2008
At the Cloud Appreciation Society, it is almost needless to say: they love clouds! All kinds of clouds, and after a quick look at some of these amazing pictures, you might begin to understand the infatuation.

I do adore lying on my back in the summertime, gazing up at the sky and mapping out weird creatures like giant giraffes, pigs and octopuses. But I couldn’t name the structures and kinds of clouds they are, like cumulus, cirrus and altostratus? I guess you have to be a cloud enthusiast to do that.

It is easy to join this online community of cloud appreciators. You just have to agree with their manifesto and submit a small symbolic amount to receive your very own membership certificate and badge stating you are a cloud appreciator.


Red fire Eagle cloud, seen over the Irish sea from the Cumberland fells. © Peter Eckersley | A huge cloud comes down to visit a small village in Udine, Italy. © Enrico Penolazzi | Valley of the Gods, Utah. U.S. © Mark Duke. | Photo taken after launch of space shuttle at Cape Kennedy in Florida. U.S. © Scott Lindgren. | Sunset, Kayenta, Utah. U.S. © Gerry Millet. | Mammatus clouds over St. Albans house, U.K. © Bob Sleigh. | Twin Microbursts (Cloud Sneeze), over Canyonlands, Utah. U.S.© Mark Duke | Water and Sky as one, from Baker Lake, Nunavut, Canada. © Diane Galatowitsch