From Bronzed Sunset Shoots to Epic Sky Crossroads

 - Oct 19, 2011
Few things are as romantic and sensual as a sunset, which is why it's not surprising to find so many salmon sunsets in fashion shoots. The sun, the breeze and the sky simply align together to give out some of the most gorgeous spectacles by nature, and if all this is combined with good fashion and stunning models, the result is even more captivating.

Sunsets are a great inspiration for artists because when the sun goes down, it displays a mesmerizing show of colors and tones. Yellow, pink, salmon, orange and blue decorate the sky to enhance everything from outdoor runways to sizzling photography. Additionally, a fashion collection full of gold and bronze tones will certainly make a greater editorial if it's shot under the glam of a beautiful sunsets' hues.

If you're a helpless romantic or simply enjoy the coalescent feeling of a sultry salmon sunset capture, this gallery will definitely transport you to a warmer, more sensual escape.