The Bodyclock Elite 300 Alarm Clock Rouses You With Rays

 - Mar 1, 2011
References: biobrite & 7gadgets
There's little worse first thing in the morning than waking up to your alarm clock to darkness. The Bodyclock Elite 300 aims to ameliorate the uncomfortable situation with a range of softer functions designed to help you wind down and arise relaxed.

The 'Lumie' bedside device combines the capabilities of a bedside light, a digital clock and an mp3 player with speakers. If you're the type who has trouble falling asleep, you can hook your iPod up to the devices and it will play your favorite soothing songs to get you to sleep.

Acting as an electronic sun, the BioBrite Bodyclock Elite 300 can mimic dawn and dusk with a gentle bright to dim sunset and an illuminating sunrise to temper your body's inner clock to your imposed circadian cycle. Equipped with an included soundtrack of meditative music, this gadget is one of too few, so in tune with your biology.

Photo Credits: Amazon