Bobby Bong Has a Talent for Capturing Sunsets and Serene Beaches

 - Aug 5, 2011
References: 500px & mymodernmet
While looking at these stunning nature captures by Bobby Bong -- who is based in Indonesia -- the first thing that grasped my attention were their stunning sherbet color, similar to that of my favorite ice cream flavor.

This collection of captures from Bobby Bong showcases his undeniable talent for taking long exposure shots of serene sea sides and sunsets. In fact, these photos are so well done that it really does feel as if you are sitting on the shoreline watching the waves crash into these gorgeous rocks, just as Bobby Bong once was.

Implications - As consumers become increasingly enthralled with the natural environment, so does the demand for products that allow them to do so. Through utilizing stunning nature captures -- like those of Bobby Bong -- within advertisements and product packaging, companies are more easily guaranteed consumer praise.