The Cykelpleje Lets You Tune-Up Your Bike On the Go

 - Sep 23, 2011
References: copenhagenize & treehugger
When you see your first Cykelpleje at a nearby gas station, it'll be a clear sign that the country you're in has strong feelings for bikes and the environment. Bravo, Denmark!

Scattered throughout the Danish capital Copenhagen are resourceful, small bicycle repair stations. Because the country is home to so many daily cyclists -- as are most Northern European countries -- the Norwegian oil company Statoil began installing these 'Cykelpleje' at each of their gas stations, encouraging locals to drop by and perform some maintenance. Pumps, air hoses, greasing oil, tire levers and Allen keys are all available free of charge for tinkering cyclists. A rack folds away from the care station, letting users prop their bike upside-down while they work.

Having provided the most pivotal bike infrastructure (lanes, storage stations, etc.), the country is moving onto to provide riders with the resources to maintain their steeds! Hopefully, this pattern of investment continues.