Zaytoun Imports Organic and Fair Trade Products

 - Oct 25, 2010
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Zaytoun is a social business based in London that imports and sells organic and fair trade products from Palestine. A member of the International Fair Trade Association, the company is a first for Palestine. Also a member of the World Fair Trade Organization, Zaytoun is committed to its global and regional networks. Socially, Zaytoun (which means olive in Arabic) encourages community development by providing fair wages and sustainable agricultural operations.

Founded in 2004 by Heather Masoud and Cathi Davis, Zaytoun’s goal is to foster a market for artisan Palestinian products in the United Kingdom. Currently, Zaytoun offers its products in a number of retail outlets like health food stores, delicatessens and fair trade shops, as well as online through many websites. Trading with Palestinian communities has endless economic advantages, but fair trade also allows for Palestinian stories to be heard in different contexts.

As another effort to open up the Palestinian story to the United Kingdom, Zaytoun organizes two trips to Palestine each year. Customers and supporters get the chance to take part in the "Harvest Tour" or the "Olive Picking Trip." The travel times usually correspond with the olive harvest at the end of October and the beginning of November.

Thanks to the fertile soil, Mediterranean climate and traditional farming techniques, Zaytoun’s wide-ranging products are created in the best of conditions. Zaytoun offers a wide variety of premium products including organic tree-ripened black olives, picked green olives, extra virgin olive oil, Middle Eastern herb seasonings, dates, almonds and couscous—all organic and fair trade.

Zaytoun’s efforts to support the market for Palestinian olive oil have impacted farming communities through the improvement of training and equipment, so that the final product is of premium quality.

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