ZOO Project Creates Street Art Dedicated to the Tunisian Revolution

 - Apr 20, 2011
References: current & shredesign
The Algerian-French artist called ZOO Project has created some amazing street art that celebrates the Tunisian Revolution, which began in December 2010. The art specifically celebrates the people that died fighting for Tunisian. According to Current TV, the Tunisian Revolution "ended the 23-year reign of despot Ben Ali (and his RCD party) and sparked revolutions across the region."

ZOO Project's street art are statues of people that are actually life-sized and number in the hundreds. It must have taken him a really long time to create them all! They are located in different parts of the city and welcomed by the community who enjoy taking pictures with them. ZOO Project has also graced the walls of buildings with his graffiti dedicated to the Tunisian Revolution.