- Apr 30, 2008
References: 43things
Hearing the aspirations of others can be really inspiring, and it's exactly the premise behind 43things.com, a community dedicated to sharing goals and things that motivate people.

The site is open for anyone to join, giving them access to read posts as well as submit their own Life Lists. If you want to remain anonymous, that's no problem as the site lets you create your own avatar, from name to image.

It's a portal to "List your goals, share your progress, and cheer each other on."

Some of the featured contributions today include:
"Make 2008 my best year yet"
"Meditate daily"
"Elect Barack Obama president"

Support like this is a great way to keep up that motivation to pursue your New Year's resolutions throughout the year. Aside from the support, people feel more like they are held accountable making it more likely they will stick to their word.

Topics in the featured tag cloud include Popular goals, Health, Money and wealth, School and education, Work and career, Family and home, Friends and social life, Travel, Spirituality and beliefs and Creativity and self-expression.

This website is a similar concept to Post Secret and Dear God...