- Jan 18, 2009
From photo sharing to ride sharing to music sharing, one of the prominent identifiers that times are changing is the ever-increasing desire to share our lives with others.

The reasons people share varies, from those who want a witness to their lives to those can't afford to own or do something on their own. With the economy gone sour, the likelihood people will begin sharing out of necessity or for smart money management increases.

Sharing is comforting; those who want their luxury bag but can't handle the luxury price tag can opt for designer handbag rentals. The person into fast, sexy supercars but can't make up his mind can find comfort in knowing he doesn't have to choose, and buy into a luxury car timeshare. For the commitment-phobic pet lovers, or for those who travel lots, there are services that let you to rent a pet and split time with other wannabe owners.

Also included in this cluster and celebrity and supermodel shares, there are innovations that facilitate sharing secrets or sharing fears, prayers or dreams. And of course there are music and video sharing, recipe and tip exchanges, and even sharing real life office spaces.

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34 Things Meant For Sharing: