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 - Nov 11, 2008
References: beautyholding & urbandaddy
If you’re looking for a better bet than the stock market to increase your portfolio, has an interesting offer for you.

By purchasing stakes ($1 a stake/share) in the future of aspiring young female models (presumably men are eligible also, although I have only seen one out of 138 so far), an investor (all men so far) receives a return on their investment based on 50% of the model’s earnings, relative to the percentage ratio of purchased shares, ie. if you purchase ten shares of the total 10,000 shares available for each model, you will receive ten percent of 50% percent of her total modeling earnings.

It's being described as an online talent incubator (eCubator) "which allows everyone to invest in a future top model. You can now earn money simply by making use of your taste in beauty."

The current, most invested-in models are shown here, with a 19-year old, from San Diego receiving sponsorship/investment of $3,283 so far.