From See-Through Evening Wear to Haute Couture Designs

 - Feb 3, 2012
Even if you're a die-hard jeans and t-shirt type of gal, it's hard to resist the appeal of these gorgeous evening gowns. Whether they're seen on the runways of Paris during Haute Couture Week every year or on some of Hollywood's top actresses in stunning photo shoots, these dramatic dresses bring a touch of glamor that is unparalleled by any other form of clothing.

From prom dresses to black tie gala gowns, these floor-length beauties have the ability to take your breath away. Often seen in materials like chiffon, tulle, taffeta and satin, they can even be embellished with sequins and rhinestones for an extra-glamorous look.

While they're certainly not appropriate for everyday wear, these evening gowns are meant to be saved for the most special of occasions.