- Nov 27, 2007
References: trendcentral
Photowalking tours are real-life activities that brings together members from photo sharing communities like Facebook Flickr. They schedule meet-ups for group adventures, each person bringing their own camera and snapping photos of everything that comes along their paths.

The internet is a great place to meet likeminded individuals, and social networks are helping to facilitate those encounters. Often these online meetings cause a desire for these people to want to meet up in real life to engage in their mutual passions in person, which is precisely what Photowalking does.

The best part about Photowalking is that it gets people off their butts and out into the real world and encourages genuine human interaction.

It's also not a creepy activity and seems like a safe way to meet people for the first time outside out cyberspace. Not only are you in public with a group, but because you'll be actively engaged in an activity, the chance for an awkward moment to arise is unlikely.