Car Sharing and Eco Taxis

 - Feb 5, 2007
References: zipcar & ecoigo
After the announcement made last week in Paris revealing the damage we have made to our planet and the upcoming consecuences, every single citizen in the world should act immediately. It is very sad to have such climate frenzy (-8° C to 25° C change in a single day), freezing crops and burning woods as it is happening now in my hometown Bogota. Among the several (but not massive) alternatives to act you cand find two friendly and stylish ideas to move in big cities:

Car Sharing - Companies like ZipCar (previously featured on Trend Hunter) offers cars parked around the cities for members to rent by the hour. "Zipcar is now a critical element of the transportation network of many North American cities and universities, enabling residents, students and businesses to get rid of their cars and still meet their transportation needs."

Exo Taxis - Companies like Ecoigo, launched on last november, offer ecological alternative to taxis. In short, these are taxes that use a fleet of Hybrid Synergy Drive cars.