18 Eco Tips For The Credit Crunch

 - Sep 4, 2008
With the credit crunch beginning to bite and belts starting to be tightened, we’re seeing a number of trends connected with spending less and spending wisely. There's been a nod to wartime economizing and campaigns to encourage frugality. Happily, many of these trends also have a positive impact environmentally. Some even have a social dimension too - whether by creating a buzz or an opportunity (online or real life) to swap items and share tips.

Gas economizing, coupon-clipping, reusing, recycling, mending, making, swapping, growing your own, baking, car sharing and bulk-buying - these are all out there, alongside some of the trends highlighted in this cluster.

How about swapping what you don’t like or need for something that you do? (We have websites and events to swap clothes, paperbacks, CDs and the more general purpose freecycle for advertising unwanted anythings for those who want them). Or flicking the switch for the lights after the energy meter shows you what leaving them on actually costs? Knitting your own? Cooking too much deliberately to take into work the day after? Buying in bulk and decanting into smaller bottles? Economizing on gas by careful driving or bolting on a gas saving device?

Other trends for borrowing, hiring and sharing items are clearly linked. As are trends around decluttering, downsizing and doing without.