Stitch 'n' Bitc*

 - May 20, 2008
When I first heard the term "stitch & bitc*", it came from my Jamaican aunt, who recollected her experience of a club she attended many years ago. When I pictured her description, my visual stereotype consisted of elderly women, who shared gossip while sewing or mending their clothes.

My curiosity was more with the name, than anything else, so I did an Internet search. To my surprise, this term was widely used, and there are apparently Stitch 'n' Bitc* clubs in over 20 countries around the world.

According to Wikipedia, these clubs are by definition, groups of casual knitters who meet regularly in bars or cafes to socialize while sharing knitting advice. Wikipedia also cites the origins of Stitch 'n' Bitc* to be around World War II, which is a great testament to both the name and the clubs' longevity.