- Mar 20, 2008
References: swapstyle
Tired of swiping your sister's clothes because she has more fashion sense or a more disposable income?

Try swapstyle.com and swap her clothes with some complete stranger's, and you'll never get busted. She'll just think it disappeared.

SwapStyle is an enormous virtual closet that lets you swap fashions with other members of the online community. It an "Online fashion swap party where you can swap, sell and buy fashion, accessories, cosmetics, shoes and lots more with people from all around the world at any time, day or night" as the company puts it. Just like eBay, you can "watch" items you're interested in.

Pretend you can go through thousands of closets and then trade your trash for a treasure.

Like the site says, "Swapping is the new shopping!"

For now the service is still free, so sign up now before they start charging you the annual fee of about $20.