- Oct 25, 2011
What's the best solution when something you have owned or looked at for too long becomes boring -- well, it's time to switch it up and these swappable innovations seem to be what the world is looking to for credit crunch crutches and to bring comedic relief.

On the money saving side of things, business is booming for those setting up sites or solutions using the concept of trading what you have for something you need without spending a dime. Houses are being switched for vacations, unused gift cards are being redeemed for cash and clothing is being recycled for designer goods. Now what's better than trading in your basic belongings for benefits?

Swapping also seems to be catching on in the world of viral videos and pictorials where regular pictures get revamped by trading features or genders.

So start trading your trinkets and check out these swappable innovations because one person's old abode or family photo may be another's hot hotel or bookmarked blog.

From Designer Clothing Exchanges to Swanky Swappable Stays: