Latest Las Vegas Tourism Ads

 - Oct 17, 2007
References: rrpartners & adweek
"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." That's the cliched marketing slogan the Las Vegas tourism board is using in their recent Be Anyone campaign commercials.

So far, the cheeky ads from R&R Partners have been a roaring success.

The featured ad shows two women go into a Las Vegas bathroom. At first it appears as though they are going in to primp, but then the women swap their realistic wigs, giggle at their little scheme to fool the boys, then head back out to pull the switch on their partners.

The demographic of Vegas goers has changed from middle aged gamblers, show-going seniors and rowdy bachelor party groups to a younger group of good looking party people. Vegas is the new 'it' place to see and be seen, for the rich, the famous or anyone looking for an action packed weekend of clubbing.

Diners are skipping trashy buffets for high class venues like the luxury buffet at the Wynn hotel, or upscale Japanese restaurant, Sushi Roku. Ever since venue like Pure nightclub and Tao opened, it's become a destination for high class partying.

The new commercials are in response to that shift. They're all about the all out partying, the sin indulgent escape from reality, where moral stay home and your wild alter ego comes out to play.