Lindsay Lohan's Sizzling 2nd Hand Clothes Ads

 - Jun 14, 2008
References: dailymail
I guess Lindsay Lohan was very committed to wearing only second hand clothes in these Visa fashion swapping photos. In fact, she insisted on not wearing a new bra. Trend Hunter's Lourdes Sanchez brought us news of Lohan's support for the Visa fashion swapping campaign, but here we bring you the hot fashion shoot.

The photographs show the 22-year-old wild singer/actor/party girl wearing vintage clothes as a positive message to promote swapping unwanted threads.

I think the clothes look great, and it's a cool concept, especially considering the fickle celebrity fashion world where an "IT" girl can never wear the same outfit twice. But why does Lindsay look so pissed off and miserable in these photos? It's as if she were saying, I want to support this, but get me out of these clothes!

This year's Visa fashion swapping event, which is fronted by Lindsay, will take place in London this June in association with clothing charity Traid.