Caravan Offers Unique Home Rentals for People in the Arts

We all know how expensive hotels are when working away from home; Caravan is a free service intended for creative people who may be working freelance or working on a shoot out of town. 

How the site works is if you have a place to swap, you register and add your property onto the listing page. If you’re just hunting for a cool place to stay you can register and skip to searching for your ideal temporary abode. Some of the swaps are free, some people list how much they charge to rent the property.

This unique service remains locked down to creatives so that you have some trust that where you will be staying will be nice (creatives trust other creatives’ taste). No more sleeping with a chair against the door as you are so frightened of your new neighborhood!

At the moment, there are a large number of houses listed, located in the UK, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Paris and many other places. It’s even great just looking through the pictures of the places up for offer!