- May 12, 2011
With summer fast approaching and long weekends coming up, campsites will soon become filled with innovative tents and caravans.

Camping equipment companies have begun to design products that will make even the nature hater want to spend a night under the stars. With ideas such as solar-powered tents and luxurious motorhomes, a wide range of innovative tents and caravans is available that would accommodate any camper.

These innovative tents and caravans have proven to be camper-worthy and are guaranteed to make your campground neighbor seethe with jealousy. From quirky miniature huts to protective poncho shelters, the options for camping shelter is so far-reaching that it is definitely a difficult choice to pick out the one that would be perfect for your camping trip.

Innovative Tents & Caravans, from RV Bikes to Steel Sanctuaries: