The Mehrzeller RV

 - Sep 2, 2008
References: mehrzeller & squob
Since the Mehrzeller caravan made its debut earlier this week, the web has been a buzz with the RV concept. As we’ve previously mentioned, customization is one of the hottest design trends this year, and this is a supreme example of that.

The Mehrzeller (which means the "multi cell" in German) can be configured to your wishes. As of Spring 2000, customers can stack the caravans with all the features and amenities they would consider ideal on a dream camping trip.

Mobility and nomadic living are becoming increasingly popular with people who are living more fast paced, global lifestyles. At the same time as they want mobility, people still have a desire for a home, and aren’t content with temporary living situations like hotels. They want that element of personalization, something designed to fit their needs and reflect their personality.

The Mehrzeller promises to be the ultimate mobile living solution of the future as every customer has the ability to personalize their caravan online, with the help of designers.

The Mehrzeller is the brainchild of the students in the faculty of architecture at the Graz Technical University and is endorsed by companies like BMW, Waeco, Alphatronics, Alugas, Jokon, Fiamma, Cleversolar, Simona, Moralt, Reimo, among many others.

The prototype is on display at the Caravan-Salon 2008 in Düsseldorf until September 7.