- May 24, 2011
It seems that that modern man and woman are more nomadic than ever before, which is why there have been so many interesting innovations that have arisen with regards to portable homes.

Consumers can now create a home for themselves and move it as the need arises with ease. Houseboats are a great way to explore while feeling comfortable in your own space. For those who don't have their sea legs, trailers, RVs and caravans are the perfect purchase for a road trip-loving family. There are even caravans that can be purchased that are specially tailored for your pooches! That's right, no more slobber all over your car.

Whether you are a modern nomad or not, these futuristic takes on portable homes are truly eye-opening to the fact that people are traveling more than ever and bringing their home along with them.

From Modular Motor Homes to Canine Caravans: