BLOOM by Olga Kalugina is a High-End Camper for the Eco-Conscious

 - May 15, 2011
References: & ecofriend
RVs and mobile homes aren't extraordinarily popular among the overly wealthy, but something like BLOOM by Olga Kalugina could change that. Seeing the lakes, the countryside, the ocean by means of lodging in boutique bed and breakfasts might offer a shallow experience of traveling to explore nature, but this modern camper provides inhabitants with all of the luxury they could ask for -- and more!

The modular unit can be easily transported by air, water and land as a compact shipping container, but incredibly it folds out and blossoms into a very curvy and spacious abode. Its capacity is six people and boasts three bedrooms, a central living room, and a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. As if BLOOM by Olga Kalugina could be improved any more, the extravagant trailer harnesses the sun's power for energy by means of solar panels coating the roof.