Domus Mobile Compact Home Scores in Comfort and Mileage

 - Jan 28, 2009
References: tinyhouseblog
No longer will you have to sacrifice your comfy place for traveling, or vice versa; enter Domus, the innovative mobile habitat that combines ample homey space with horsepower.

The first unique feature is that of the extendable living quarters; tracing to the famous Russian maids’ concept, the pods sit inside one another and an impressive 200% increase in space is granted when in full extent. The two floors include bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom, while the upstairs section boasts an outdoor patio. The modern fittings, glass details and wooden decking are some more of the details that set this restless dwelling way apart from the likes of caravans and RVs.

The second distinct characteristic is its separate automotive unit intended for short commutes; the three-wheel design is built around the popular Smart For-Two and attaches on the main body to provide mobility.

Appropriate permanent use by maximum two persons, Domus requires the use of electricity, sanitation, and water amenities, although it is reportedly self-sufficient enough to allow some freedom for travelling.

The concept, conceived by Andrew Dutton, is set to meet our contemporary need for motion; it would benefit, though, from the modern sustainable technology available nowadays. Still, their is nothing like the implied ability to choose neighborhoods and, foremost, neighbors.