Express, Share & Feel

 - May 14, 2008
References: engadget
Finnish company Provoke Design, one of Nokia's main design contractors, has created three concept phones that represent their vision of mobile phone design in 2012. The prototypes will be on display at the HARDCORE New Finish Design exhibition in New York starting May 17th.

The three phone models entitled, Share, Feel and Express, (pictured top to bottom, left to right) will be presented as fully functional prototypes that illustrate "the core innovation" proposed.

"The look of the Express concept can be changed electronically and customized to your personal tastes," engadget says. "The Feel handset pair are meant for couples and feature a specialized UI and touch simulation to enable, uh hem, 'deep communication.' The Share concept allows cults and anarchists to communicate in personalized code formed in subgroups of like-minded weirdos... or something like that. Read for yourself in the press release posted after the break."