The Wheego Whip by RTEV

 - Nov 29, 2008
References: & onelectriccars
The diminutive Wheego Whip is a collaboration between RTEV (Ruff & Tuff Electric Vehicles) and China's Shuanghuan Automobile looks suspiciously like a Smart car, but isn't priced like one. This electric vehicle will cost $19,000 when it hits the U.S. in May 2009.

The RTEV Wheego Whip is based upon the Shuanghuan Noble body that is popular in China; for that reason, the RTEV Wheego Whip is also known outside the U.S. as the E-Noble. Although it can reach speeds of 60 MPH, it's likely that the microcar will be limited to Neighborhood Electric Vehicle status until its crashworthiness is proven.

The RTEV Wheego Whip can go 50 miles between charges. While the bulk of the microcar will be made in China, each car's final assembly will take place in the United States.