3 Futuristic Volkswagen Concepts

 - Jul 9, 2008
References: media.volkswagen2028 & autoblog
Have you ever wondered, "How will the world of driving feel like after 20 years?" Volkswagen is offering their prediction in the form of three 2028 concepts that showcase their vision of the driving future.

This vision includes the Ego, a sporty two seater, the traffic-friendly One single-seater, and the family-oriented VW Room.

The Ego, (images 1-5) is very aware of its surroundings thanks to radar sensors, cameras, laser and ultrasound sensors. Its fun design sports an awesome flame paint job that can be turned on and off with voice control.

The One (images 6,7) is Volkswagen's offering for an ultra compact vehicle with a minimal footprint. It fits into virtually any parking space. The innovative design joins together with other One cars to form automatically steered 'trains' during rush hours. This lets you sit in your One car and enjoy the ride!

Finally, The VW Room (image 8) has enough room for the whole family. You can enjoy your time with the family without worrying about the driving, thanks to integrated driving assistance systems, intelligent traffic management systems and expanded navigation software which can take over.

According to Volkswagen's vision, these biofuel and electricity powered vehicles communicate with each other to keep the driver's involvement to a minimum, thus avoiding traffic and accidents.

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