ICONA's E3WM is a High Performance Electric Vehicle

 - May 19, 2011
References: cardesign.ru & ecofriend
Italian-Chinese Studio Icona Design's new electric three-wheeler is designed to meet the traveling needs of Asian users. Officially launched at the Shanghai Motor Show 2011, the Electric Three Wheel Mobile, or E3WM, is an innovative vehicle with a futuristic exterior design.

E3WM is electricity-powered and each of its wheels contain an electric motor that derives power from rechargeable batteries. The E3WM can accommodate two people and provides a very comfortable ride, which makes it a perfect vehicle for city commuters.

This eco-friendly electric vehicle weighs about 400 kgs and is more than 2 meters long. With a striking design, the E3WM combines the features of a car and a bike to make riding more exciting.