Explorer America Concept (NAIAS 2008)

 - Jan 8, 2008
References: huliq
In order to keep up with competitors like GM and Toyota, Ford has designed a fuel-saving new concept car.

While the original Explorer was built on more a truck-type frame, this one will much more closely resemble that of a car. They anticipate it will be up to 30 times more fuel efficient than the current Explorer. It's said to have enough room for passengers and will be capable of towing 3,500 lbs, making it not only the idea family car, but a great ride for outdoor adventure enthusiasts.

The concept' interior looks pretty slick too, with ultra skinny grey seats highlighted with neon accents.

"Customers are smart. They value vehicles â€" the more efficient, the better," Jim Farley, Ford's VP of Marketing and Communications said.

"Ford gets it.

"Innovative technologies can transform people's favorite vehicles. Look at SYNC, the Ford system that connects people and their favorite portable devices, including media players and Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, while in their vehicles."

The box shaped Ford Explorer America concept looks a little like the Toyota A-BAT hybrid pickup and the Chevy Volt concept.

The Explorer America concept will be revealed at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit later this month, along with many other green vehicles from all auto makers.