- Oct 1, 2009   Updated: Aug 2 2011
Solar cars, water-powered vehicles, and electric cars are just some of the alternative energy autos available in today’s eco-friendly car market. In terms of cars, alternative energy refers to those that don’t use petroleum as fuel. Alternative energy autos are definitely the future and this cluster focuses on some of the coolest, most energy efficient, and environmentally-conscious versions out there, from hydrogen cars made of ice to vehicles fueled by corn!

Implications - In the 2000s, there has been a newfound premium placed on environmentally conscious products. By focusing on eco-conscious products, a company engenders goodwill from consumers and shows that it is on the forefront of contemporary sustainable product design, as well as a strong concern for the environment and the future of the planet

Eco-Conscious Vehicles, from Algae-Powered Cars to Biofuel Supercars: